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Home Health

The services you can avail from a hospital facility or a nursing home provider are now accessible to you at home. Catering to the demands of the ailing, the elderly, and the disabled who are home-bound, Option One Home Care, Inc. brings the much needed healthcare assistance right where you feel more comfortable at.

Our home health care program is inclusive of the following services:

The aim of Home Health care is to help the patients gain self-help and practical living skills needed to maintain independence at home. Several studies have shown the positive link between the home environment and its impact to the level of health of the clients. Many testimonies also manifest faster recovery and happier living when care is received at home. We care about you and we are after the best outcomes for you. That is why we are invested in providing competent professional home health services focused only on your well-being in the home setting. Option One Home Care, Inc. provides comprehensive assessment, client counseling, family support, and all-around home health care management.

Get the care you deserve! Contact us today to set an appointment so we can visit you at home for an initial skills assessment.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Option One Home Care, Inc. is to demonstrate God's love by providing exceptional service and quality care to meet the Physical, Mental, and spiritual needs of our community. Read more about our mission in action. » ABOUT US

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Phone: 818-719-8622
E Fax: 818-456-4892
Fax: 818-710-1084

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